Bipartisan Cash Relief Bills Introduced in Congress

Separate House and Senate versions have been introduced by Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

11 million Americans unemployed.

55 million Americans in poverty.

100,000+ small businesses gone forever.

We Need Cash Relief Now.

We are building the movement to rewrite the rules.

Humanity Forward is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit pushing for solutions to the biggest problems of the 21st Century. Our singular focus right now is on enacting Direct Cash Relief to help families deal with the effects of the pandemic.

Cash relief is wildly popular with both parties - 88% of Americans support it. It’s common sense and the right thing to do. Any pandemic relief bill should start with cash relief. Millions of Americans are struggling right now, and we need to continue our momentum to ensure this gets across the finish line.

Nobody deserves to go hungry.

Nobody deserves to lose their home.

Nobody deserves to suffer like we suffer today.

We have the momentum, we just need you. Join our coalition.

A coalition that fights big fights and does hard things, so that we can build a truly human-centered America. Onward.

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