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AND We're just getting started.

Humanity Forward is proud to have worked with a burgeoning, bipartisan coalition of lawmakers to send direct cash relief checks to struggling American families.
Donate now so we can continue our mission.

Direct Cash Relief Now

We are in the midst of the greatest economic transformation in the history of our country. Our institutions are years behind the curve, and normal people are getting left behind.
With rising COVID cases, an all-time high death toll, and uncertainty about the rollout timeline of a potential vaccine, Americans are rightfully worried about their elderly and at-risk loved ones. That should be their only priority. But without cash relief, Americans are forced to calculate the health risk to their family in order to work a job to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. This is not a sustainable strategy to withstand the pandemic.
Humanity Forward has started a nationwide advocacy campaign that involves working with members of Congress, partner organizations, and grassroots leaders from all 50 states to build a bipartisan coalition in support of direct cash relief. Together, we can get direct cash relief in the hands of Americans and put this pandemic behind us, coming out stronger — and more unified — than ever.
  • National Advocacy Campaign

    The American people are counting on us!

    Your voice matters, and those who represent you need to hear it. Join our volunteers who will be drafting letters and share petitions, letters to Congress, letters to the Editor, and more.
    Sign Up
  • Fundraising for our UBI campaign

    We know UBI will protect our people from the economic ravages of pandemic and job loss and empower a new generation of entrepreneurs. But reaching elected officials nationwide can get expensive.
    Join our volunteer fundraising team and make sure Congress hears our message.

What We Do

  • Conduct large-scale bipartisan lobbying efforts to scale political divides and make progress on human-centered policies
  • Empower Americans to retake control of their data and get compensated for its use by big tech companies
  • Activate new voters and the politically disengaged, particularly young people and the economically marginalized
  • Mainstream the ideas of the movement through podcasts, traditional media, and high-impact events
  • Launch and support successful projects and pilots that demonstrate the power and practicality of our ideas in real life

About Humanity forward

We are building the movement to rewrite the rules.
Humanity Forward is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit pushing for solutions to the biggest problems of the 21st Century. Our singular focus right now is on enacting Direct Cash Relief to help families deal with the effects of the pandemic.
Cash relief is wildly popular with both parties - 88% of Americans support it. It’s common sense and the right thing to do. Any pandemic relief bill should start with cash relief. Millions of Americans are struggling right now, and we need to continue our momentum to ensure this gets across the finish line.
Nobody deserves to go hungry.
Nobody deserves to lose their home.
Nobody deserves to suffer like we suffer today.
We have the momentum, we just need you. Join our coalition.
A coalition that fights big fights and does hard things, so that we can build a truly human-centered America. Onward.

Join the Movement. STAY INFORMED.

We're humanity forward - the bipartisan bridge to cash for the people

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