Money From Yahoo

Andrew Yang

Hello, I hope all is great with you!

We recently helped launch the Data Dividend Project to get people paid for their data. Well there’s a way to get money right now if you used Yahoo’s email services.

You may have heard that there were multiple data breaches of Yahoo accounts between 2012 and 2016. Someone sued and got a settlement on behalf of consumers — a $117.5 million settlement fund for everyone who used Yahoo email.

That means if you had an email account with Yahoo between 2012 and 2016, whether a paid account or a free account, they could owe you up to $358 or two years of free credit monitoring. For real. The money’s in a bank account waiting for Yahoo users to claim. We have top lawyers who looked at it and it’s all legit and good to go.

So, what do you need to know about applying?

Eligible users can submit claims here — the Data Dividend Project has a short 3-question survey and then will direct you to the right place to make your claim. All claims must be postmarked or filed online by July 20, 2020. Tell your friends too — they’ll owe you one.

I’m like you — I can’t keep track of this stuff either. That’s why I love the Data Dividend Project because now we have someone who is looking out for us, who will tell us about these kinds of lawsuit settlements and stand up for our rights with the big tech companies.

In this case, I got excited because it’s free money for users to make up for a tech company’s screw up. I love getting people money they have coming to them. This Yahoo breach settlement won’t be the last.

I hope that you will find this information useful and act on it. We must hold tech companies accountable for their actions. Every day we generate data for them to use or abuse simply by going about the business of our daily lives.

Let’s not just compensate Americans for this data breach, but actually get people paid for their data on a regular basis. Please consider partnering with me and join the Data Dividend Project. Your data should belong to you! And we will not rest until you get paid for it.


- Andrew

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