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  • August 3

    NEW YORK—Today, the Humanity Forward Foundation and The $1k Project announced a new partnership to maximize their efforts to provide financial assistance to families in need amidst the...

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  • July 28

    I learned a lot about a lot of things when I was running for President. One of them was that media narratives had a way of getting formed ahead of time. Before running, I had a relatively naïve point of...

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  • July 8

    Hello, I hope all is great with you!

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  • June 22

    During my campaign, I argued that our data should be ours. That sounds obvious, but today, big tech companies and data brokers are selling and re-selling our data every day, and we are none the wiser....

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  • June 8

    George Floyd’s tragic death has set off historic protests around the country. I attended a vigil for his death in upstate New York and it was very touching and peaceful.

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  • July 30

    These are heartbreaking times for the United States of America. The killing of George Floyd has given rise to a spasm of grief and anguish that has brought thousands to the streets to protest. George Floyd,...

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  • May 25

    Hello and hope you and yours are doing well this Memorial Day.

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