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Vote For Who Can’t This Year

Andrew Yang

October 27


This has not been a good year for most of us.

We’ve had to endure so much in 2020.

We have endured a pandemic that has taken away over 225,000 of our loved ones and fundamentally changed the way we live our lives.

We have endured an economic catastrophe that has thrown us hurtling into the deep end of uncertainty; where we’ve been forced to make unthinkable choices despite being the wealthiest nation on earth.

We have been forced to contend with systems of racial oppression designed to impose unequal justice upon black and brown Americans.

We’ve been forced to contend with vicious tribalism and hate that is fueled even further by foreign adversaries who wish to do us harm.

We’ve lost heroes, from first responders and medical professionals to titans of the civil rights movement and champions of equal justice.

I want you to vote in the next seven days if you haven’t already.

Vote because of who can’t this year.

Vote for the chairs that will be empty at Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Vote for the people who are in food lines, for the people who have lost their homes, for the people who are forced to choose between their prescriptions and the electric bill, and for the people who know that choice will soon be waiting for them.

Vote for George Floyd, for Breonna Taylor, for Ahmaud Arbery and the countless victims of racist policing who deserve justice.

Vote for the people who work tirelessly in our hospitals -- the people who picked up extra shifts, who skipped birthdays and holidays to take care of our families and our friends.

Vote for John Lewis, for Joseph Lowery and for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


I can’t promise you that voting will fix everything, but I can promise you that choosing not to vote will not fix anything.

If you have already voted, you still have work to do.

You likely have friends, family and neighbors who haven’t voted yet.

You probably have an hour or two to spare in the next seven days to pick up the phone and call people who haven’t voted yet.

Democracy is not a spectator sport or a passive system that runs without input. It only works when you and I consciously decide to keep it running.

Things won’t be suddenly better on November 4th. The new way forward won’t arrive overnight. That’s why we have something else -- something big planned that you’ll hear about in eight days.

Until then, we have a mission. And if we succeed, we can experience something that I know many of us feel we’re lacking.



-Andrew Yang

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