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Humanity Forward Coronavirus Relief Fund

The economic repercussions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are grave and far-reaching. Businesses are shutting down, economic activity is collapsing and workers across the country are being laid off.

Millions of families and individuals are left without any support. Most Americans do not have the capacity to sit at home for weeks – or months – on end and meet even basic needs.

The typical remedies offered during an economic downturn – expanded sick leave, payroll taxes, lower interest rates, loans to companies – will do nothing or next to nothing for many Americans who are being hit by the economic slowdown. The average shift worker is a temp or contractor who can be fired at will.

The most effective thing we could do is put cash into people’s hands.

Humanity Forward is committing to delivering one-time, and recurring, basic income payments to individuals and families who stand to be most impacted by the coronavirus crisis. The initial target populations will primarily consist of Americans in lower income brackets who depend on wage work to support them and their families. Our first program will be launched in the Bronx, NY, and we aim to roll out similar initiatives in the coming weeks.

Are You an Individual Adversely Impacted by the COVID-19 Crisis and Seeking Financial Aid?

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Three Ways to Contribute

Sponsors/Donors Funding the Vision

Donors using the link below have 100% of their donations committed to the emergency basic income program, ultimately putting cash directly into the hands of the working poor in order to help families manage the coronavirus crisis.


Humanity Forward has partnered with Collective Education Fund who is a 501(c)(3).

For a tax deductible donation click here.

Volunteers Getting Organized

Humanity Forward is building a coalition of volunteers, activists and other interested parties who are ready to mobilize using available time and talent to promote, assist and develop an emergency UBI program in a limited amount of time. Volunteers will ideally be local to the targeted communities. Each region has a Market Lead to coordinate disbursement efforts and efficient use of resources.

Partners Making It Happen

The ideal partners have pre-existing financial relationships with target populations to be able to efficiently identify appropriate recipients and disburse payments. Examples include:

  • Credit Unions (esp. those used by low-income populations, e.g., Neighborhood Trust)

  • Community banks (esp. those used by low-income populations)

  • Community organizations that work with tipped workers, home health care workers, and other classes of workers who will be most affected

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