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Become a Humanity Forward Candidate

Become a Humanity Forward Candidate

Humanity Forward is an organization dedicated to continuing the movement inspired by Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential Campaign and to making its core ideas a reality — focusing on building Human-Centered Capitalism and Modernizing our Government for the 21st century.

Humanity Forward Pledge

For candidates who vow to lead - both their campaigns and once in office - in accordance with the Humanity Forward values, we invite you to sign the Humanity Forward pledge. After sending in your pledge, we’ll send you a Humanity Forward brand kit for your campaign to utilize.

Sign the Humanity Forward Pledge

Once you’ve signed the pledge, please send to


In addition to signing the pledge, candidates seeking elected office in the United States at the local, state, and federal levels are invited to submit their candidacies to Humanity Forward for consideration of endorsement by completing our endorsement questionnaire.

Start Our Endorsement Questionnaire

Please save a copy of this document to your Drive. Upon completing your questionnaire, please submit in PDF format, named “[candidate name] HFEQ,” to:

Ultimately, many candidates that apply will not be selected for vetting, fewer still will actually receive an endorsement. The terms of endorsements are subject to vary from candidate to candidate, with the vast majority of endorsements adhering to a tiered structure of pledged support from Humanity Forward. Humanity Forward also reserves the right to rescind any endorsement previously pledged for any candidate or campaign that violates said “Humanity First” values.


The first step in the candidate vetting process is filling out our endorsement questionnaire. You will be contacted by a member of the Humanity Forward team if Humanity Forward is interested in continuing the endorsement process.

In any given election cycle, there are hundreds of candidates seeking elected office across the country. Humanity Forward will choose only a select number of races in which to involve itself. This selection of prospective endorsees will incorporate considerations of not only the candidates in question but also the offices they’re seeking, the races in which they’re running, and the standing of their respective campaigns.

Official “Endorsement” from Humanity Forward signifies the organization’s, and Andrew Yang’s, belief that the given candidate is the right choice for their respective office.

Humanity Forward endorsements will vary in terms of the level of commitment on the part of Humanity Forward to the endorsed candidate or campaign.

Conditions and Withdrawal of Support

As is the case with all Humanity Forward-affiliated individuals and organizations, endorsees will be expected to act in accordance with the stated values of Humanity Forward. Should an endorsee or endorsee representative misrepresent these values, Humanity Forward reserves the right to withdraw its support for the candidate / campaign. In the event of withdrawn support, the candidate / campaign in question will be notified of Humanity Forward’s decision.

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