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National Advocacy Campaign

A Message from Andrew Yang


The results of the 2020 election are still coming in.

Things look good for Joe at the moment, but we won’t know for sure who will be president until all the votes have been counted.

But even if Joe wins, it feels like we lost something important last night. The fact that results are close is proof that people are hurting and continue to suffer.

In the Senate, the map is even more uncertain. The fight to remove Mitch McConnell is lost, and the path for Democrats to demote him to Senate Minority Leader appears narrow.

We may not know exactly what direction America is headed in yet, but we do know what our plans for the future are:

Saving America from a second Great Depression and eradicating poverty -- regardless of who is in power.

That is why today I am proud to announce that Humanity Forward is launching a new campaign -- a national advocacy effort designed to pass recurring cash relief through Congress next year.

Since March, Humanity Forward has delivered nearly $10,000,000 in cash relief to over 20,000 American families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of the Americans we helped didn’t know how to cover rent or their mortgage. They were able to make it through the month because of the work you did with us. Medical debts were paid off. Food made it onto the table for thousands of our people.

After seeing firsthand how impactful this cash relief has been for these 20,000 families, we’ve decided to focus our efforts directly on Congress to get cash relief into the hands of every American family during this crisis.

82% of Americans agree with us and know that cash relief is the right thing to do both morally and economically. We’re fired up, and we hope you are too.

This is going to be a nationwide advocacy operation that makes the case for cash relief with a major media blitz and public pressure campaign -- and we need you to get involved to get it done.

Now is the time.

Whenever a new Congress is sworn in, there’s a window of opportunity to get something big done before partisan gridlock sets in.

Addressing COVID-19 and its economic impacts are the highest priority for whoever takes office in January. If we can apply the right pressure, Congress will send checks out to the millions of Americans who are struggling.

Direct cash relief already enjoys majority support because of our efforts so far -- and there’s never been a more important time to pass it than now.

We asked America to think harder. They did, and they’re behind us.

Now it’s time to get a bill on the floor.

This is how we turn the page and move America forward -- by uniting under a bipartisan effort to cancel poverty, end this crisis and help Americans get back on their feet.

The new way forward is coming to Washington, no matter who is there when we arrive.

With a new Congress on the way, there will be new opportunities. If you are able to contribute, we need your help to get this campaign going - to fund voter drives, events, and media awareness. We have several dozen members of Congress already primed to join the cash relief caucus. It’s going to take a collective effort to move Washington towards doing what’s right, but we know with your help we can get it done. Let’s make some noise with this announcement so Congress knows what’s coming.

Chip In:

The real work starts now.


There was an Onion headline that sticks with me -- “American people hire lobbyist to push interests in Congress.”

It’s time for us to be our own lobbyists.

Let’s fight to end the unnecessary suffering of millions who deserve better from our government.

-Andrew Yang

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