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Come Join the Team

Humanity Forward has several opportunities available for our supporters.

Our program is a way for you to invest your skills, intellect and humanity in support of the policies and ideas of Andrew Yang's presidential campaign. The work of our volunteers and grassroots has the power to increase public awareness of economic solutions such as Universal Basic Income (UBI) as well as support those most affected by the pandemic.

Our main initiatives are listed below but these are not the only areas you can be helpful. Every task, no matter how small, has a significant beneficial effect on the bigger picture of building a more human-centered society.

If you'd like to be a part of our exciting and motivated team of volunteers who are working to move Humanity Forward, come join us.

  • Endorsed Candidate Support

    • Supporting candidates at all levels of government to build our movement.

    • Calling, texting and amplifying the campaigns of down-ballot candidates who are endorsed by Andrew Yang and Humanity Forward and are supporting UBI.


    A major component of supporting our endorsed candidates involves a strong phone banking program. If you'd like to support Humanity Forward in building a power house phone banking team, sign up below.

    The program encourages volunteers across the country to directly talk to voters "with their mouths" and to have the human conversations that bring us together. Join this welcoming and supportive community as we engage voters for endorsed candidates championing UBI and Humanity First values!

    Select "Humanity CALLS" on our volunteer sign-up form!

    Sign Up!
  • Congressional Pressure


    Your voice matters, and those who represent you need to hear it. Join our community of writers to draft and share petitions, letters to Congress, letters to the Editor, and more! If you're new to writing, this is the perfect community to learn how your voice can make a difference.

    Select "Humanity WRITES" on our volunteer sign-up form, and we'll get you connected!

  • COVID Relief Calling Program

    • Calling relief applicants to confirm contact details, and most importantly, connect with them on a human level.

    • An opportunity to help get money into the hands of people in need.

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